Wind Down, Sleep Well: 9 Tips For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Is there anything better than a blissfully undisturbed sleep? At British Beds Direct, we are a tiny bit biased… but no. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of sleep. Getting a regular amount of shut-eye is so important for our overall health – it improves our concentration, reduces stress levels and boosts our energy throughout the day. But still, over a third of UK adults struggle to get to sleep every night. Are you one of them?

Read on to discover our top tips for getting a peaceful night’s sleep – because having a healthy sleep routine is key to drifting off easily.

1. Put a limit on screen time

So many of us are guilty of night-time scrolling, but it’s one of the biggest culprits to a stressful sleep. The blue light from a screen will keep you alert long after you feel sleepy. To minimise the effects, turn off all screens at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep – that means no phone, television or late working on your laptop. Try settling down with a book or writing in a journal instead.

2. Get into caffeine-free evenings

You might crave a caffeine boost when you’ve been working all day, but those late afternoon coffees will wreak havoc with your need to rest. Everyone has varying sensitivities to caffeine, so if you love to knock back those cups of joe, try setting a limit on your last cuppa of the day. No caffeine after 5pm is a good start point.

3. Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Your bedroom should welcome you to bed each night and be a haven of calm and comfort. Make sure your bed is inviting, well-made and designed to suit your needs. Invest in snuggly duvets, fit some black-out curtains and ensure a roomy, clutter-free environment. If you can, make your bedroom a place to sleep – not a place to work, eat or exercise. This way, when you head to bed each night, your body will know it’s time for rest.

4. Drift off to white noise or a sleep meditation

Sometimes we are kept awake long after lights off; distracted by our whirring thoughts, the sounds of the neighbourhood or even just the midnight silence. A white noise recording, such as rainfall or ocean waves, can be a great tool to drift off easily. Or, try out a sleep meditation or audiobook played into your headphones at a low volume.

5. Get those hours in

Perhaps an obvious one, but your sleep-seeking body responds well to routine. Aim for at least seven hours a night, and stick to the same bedtime and wake-up time as regularly as possible.

6. Treat yourself to a comfy, supportive mattress

Your bed is important – your night-time throne and the hub of your sleep health. A high-quality bed built exactly to your needs should be a top priority when it comes to getting a blissful sleep. An easy fix if you aren’t sleeping well is to consider a new mattress. Whether your current mattress is old and worn out or your sleep situation has recently changed, investing in a more supportive mattress could be the answer.

7. Get your morning chores sorted in advance

This means to note down tomorrow’s to-do list, get breakfast things ready and tidy up the space of clutter so that you don’t have to face it in the morning. With these chores settled, you won’t be worrying about it when you try to drift off, and your future self will thank you when you wake.

8. Write some things down

It’s nice to take stock of the day in the evenings, and journaling before bed is proven to help ease you into sleep mode. Have a notebook and pen in easy reach to note down some completed tasks of the day, make a gratitude list, or simply plan for tomorrow.

9. Warm-up, cool off

According to doctors’ advice, we sleep most comfortably at a temperature of 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius; so as the seasons change we have to tweak those room temperatures accordingly. In the winter months, warm up with hot water bottles, thermal pyjamas or an electric blanket. In hot spells, replace thick duvets with a light sheet and ensure the room is well ventilated. A well-placed fan can work wonders to cool you down on those muggy nights. If you think a comfier bed could help you drift off to sleep, take a look at our handmade British beds and mattresses. Mix and match all of our lovely pieces to suit you and your bedtime perfectly. All of our beds have a five-year guarantee and are delivered straight to your door.

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