Wind Down, Sleep Well: 9 Tips For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

We all need a bit of extra support these days – but nothing supports us more than the humble mattress. After all, we put so much trust in our bed to keep us calm and comfortable, and it holds us up night after night. This is why it’s so essential to our sleep health that we get our mattress right. So if you’re finding yourself tossing and turning, wishing for a few nights of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, it may be as simple as asking yourself, ‘Do I need a new mattress?

Read on for our top 8 signs that it could be time to splash out on a new mattress.

1. Your sleep is disturbed, or you wake up tired.

The most obvious sign is that you simply aren’t sleeping as well as you used to. Mattresses can slowly wear out and disrupt your usual sleeping pattern without you realising it at first, with the only sign being that you don’t feel rested in the mornings. If you’re feeling tired when you wake up with no clear reason why it could be as simple as upgrading your old mattress.

2. You wake up achy and sore.

Nursing a sore back or neck? Your mattress could be the culprit. It’s definitely time for a new mattress when it has you feeling pained rather than peaceful. There are mattresses that offer extra support if back pain is a regular problem for you.

3. You feel sagging and/or bumps in the mattress.

As mattresses age, the springs start to malfunction and wear, which can cause irksome dips and bumps on their surface. This is a clear sign to invest in a new one, as uneven terrain on your mattress is highly uncomfortable to sleep on.

4. You don’t look forward to getting into bed.

Uh oh – when you’ve lost all good feeling about getting into your bed each night, that’s a sure-fire indicator to treat yourself. It’s such a joy to know a lovely, comfy bed awaits your tired body each night – don’t deprive yourself of this pleasure and start searching for a new mattress.

5. It makes a lot of noise.

Creaking and squeaking every time you turn? Not a good environment to sleep in! Aim for peace and quiet when you’re snoozing, and take these broken spring sounds as a sign that it’s time to upgrade.

6. Your allergies are playing up.

If you’re sensitive to dust particles or allergens, a degrading mattress may have you coughing and sneezing a lot more. A new mattress with hypoallergenic properties will be kind to your sinuses, so you can drift off to sleep with ease.

7. Your situation has changed.

Maybe you have a new partner, a couple of pets who tend to jump into bed with you, or maybe you’re pregnant now (congrats!). All of these life changes can warrant a change in bed setup, so start visualising your perfect new bed and find the perfect mattress to suit.

8. It’s been many years!

Mattresses can last between 7 and 10 years, but there are plenty of reasons, like the ones above, to buy a new one. If your mattress seems ok but you’ve had it a long old time, it could be worth your while to treat yourself to a new one. At British Beds Direct we offer all kinds of comfy mattresses from lambswool to memory foam, each with a five-year guarantee. Check out our mattress selection today, or to learn more about buying the perfect mattress for you, read our Mattress Buying Guide.

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