What Is A Divan Bed?

We’ve all been there. You’re ready to treat yourself to a new bed, but now that you’ve started looking you’re completely confused over which bed is your type. Are you a divan, an ottoman, or a handmade bedstead kinda person? At BBD we know how important it is that you get your bed right, but we also believe that shopping for a new one should be fun and problem-free. That’s why if you’re completely bed-faffled, we’ve made you an easy-to-read Bed Buying Guide.If your beady eye is on a divan bed however, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out exactly what is a divan bed and all the ways you can make a classic divan bed base work for you.

A divan bed? It’s all about the base.

The main feature of a divan bed is its simple, durable base that is built in the shape of a sturdy wooden box. This base is usually upholstered with plush fabric (we offer lots of this and you can choose your favourite), and typically sits quite close to the floor. There are a few types of divan bases on the market, but ours all have a solid platform top to give an even amount of support.

Why pick a divan?

Divan base beds are fab for a few reasons…
Firstly, they’re a durable option that offer great value for money. Secondly, they offer an extra surface to dress in whatever lovely upholstery matches the mood and style of your bedroom. For example, choose a fresh, linen-feel material for a look that’s simple and versatile, or opt for a sense of luxury boudoir with a suede or leather-look fabric. Finally, if you’re someone who depends on those handy underbed storage solutions, divan bases are available with different combinations of large and small drawers. Of course, if you’re more of a minimalist, they also come with no drawers at all.

How to style a divan bed

The great thing about a divan bed is the limitless styling arrangements. You can fit one with your choice of headboard – either modest or a statement number – and choose your own fabric and storage configuration. If you have space to place your bed in the centre of the room, you can choose to have drawers on both the left and right sides. For a more compact bedroom where you’ll be pushing your bed against one wall, you can opt to have drawers along the outer side. Ready to start building your perfect bed? Whether divan base, bedstead or ottoman, we’ve got a range of high-quality, British-made beds to suit you and your bedroom. If you’ve chosen a bed already, take a look at our dreamy headboards and mattresses.

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