What Is A Divan Base? Everything You Need To Know About Divan Beds

When hunting for a new bed, the many choices you’re confronted with can be extremely overwhelming. When it comes to finding the right bed base and mattress, there are a lot of elements to consider. You need to work out the type of sleeper you are, the style of bed you like and anything else you might want to get out of it, such as extra storage or space saving. 

Divan beds will be perfect for you to consider if you want something to fit a smaller space without forgoing storage. Maximising space by offering additional storage built into its base. 

If you’re still unsure, let us take you through a complete rundown of what divan beds have to offer so that you can decide whether it’s right for you. 

Table of contents: 

What is a divan bed? 

What’s the difference between a divan bed and an ottoman bed?

How to clip a divan base together

How do I attach a headboard to a divan bed?

How long does a divan bed last?

When to replace a divan bed base

woman sleeping in a divan bed with wide bed linens with a house plant in a green plant pot stood at the bedside

What is a divan bed?

A divan bed comprises a specially designed base and a matching mattress. The base is typically made of a wooden frame, designed to be durable and long-lasting, which is clad with fabric to give it a clean, stylish finish. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point of a divan bed base is its practical and versatile storage offering. Divan storage beds often come with deep, wide drawers, which help to eliminate dead space and increase your storage options in small spaces, making divan beds a great option for those looking to kit out a small sleeping space – simply pop your bed linens, towels, seasonal clothes or anything else you need to in there and you’re all set. 

Additionally, most divan beds come on wheels, which makes them great if you’re the kind of person who likes to get into all the nooks and crannies when you’re cleaning, or like to reset your feng shui every so often. 

Divan beds also come in a variety of sizes. So whether you’re looking for a single bed with storage to maximise space in a box room or you’re searching for a statement super king for your snoozing sanctuary – you’ll find the perfect fit for your space with our collection. 

What’s the difference between a divan bed and an ottoman bed?

It’s easy to confuse divan bases and ottoman beds as the same thing since they boast a similar style and benefit. The only key difference between the two-bed types is how the storage space is accessed. 

As we mentioned, divan beds host pull-out drawers at either side of the base, whereas with an ottoman-style bed, the frame and mattress lift, revealing the storage space beneath. 

Regarding accessibility, the divan bed is the best option to access the items you’re storing regularly and easily. 

king sized divan bed with cream headboard, silver bed linens and purple scatter cushions in a modern decorated bedroom with black side tables and silver lamps

How to clip a divan base together 

Another brilliant feature of divan beds is their easy assembly. They typically come in two halves which need to be aligned and clipped together by a central clip. You may have to attach the wheels to the base too, but once attached, you can simply wheel the bed into your desired position and easily clip it together.

How do I attach a headboard to a divan bed?

Divan bases typically come without headboards but have screw holes to accommodate one, opening up many opportunities for you to choose your style and change it without buying a new bed. 

Before you buy a headboard, it’s best to measure the space between the two screw holes on the bed head and ensure they align with those on your desired headboard. 

Once you’ve found the perfect fit, you might have to attach the legs to the headboard if they aren’t already. The legs typically have holes corresponding to the holes on the headboard itself, so to attach the legs, you simply need to align them and then screw both pieces together. 

When your headboard is put together, simply repeat that same process of aligning and screwing with the holes on the bottom of the headboard legs and the bed head, ensuring they’re securely bolted together.

If you need a little extra information on how to attach a headboard to your bed, you can find a full guide on our blog.

a divan with a grey headboard and white bed linens standing in a modern decorated room with sage green walls

How long does a divan bed last?

As divan beds are made to be sturdy and long-lasting and have fewer joints to wear down, a good quality base should last you well over 10 years. However, this depends on the construction quality, the base’s size, and the sleepers’ weight. All frames have weight limitations applied, which, if exceeded, can lead to the base breaking down more quickly. 

When to replace a divan bed base

The biggest sign that it’s time to replace your divan bed is sagging in the middle. The sagging tends to occur where the user sleeps the most, so if it’s a king-size or double bed which both people occupy, you might find there is sagging where each person usually sleeps. 

This sagging might be visible when you lift the mattress and look at the base itself, or you might wake up with aches, pains and stiffness in your back, which is another telltale sign that your bed base may be past its best.

Whilst you could reinforce the base when you can feel it beginning to sag, it is not an ideal or permanent fix, and you are better off replacing the bed than attempting to repair it. 

mid close up of a couple sleeping in a divan bed with a cream headboard and white bed linens

Shop divan bases and more at British Beds Direct

If you’re ready for a bedroom refresh and want to opt for a divan base, we have plenty to choose from in a range of sizes and storage options to suit your needs. However, if you still feel like a divan bed isn’t the right fit for you, we have plenty of other styles for you to browse. Whether you like the sound of ottoman beds or prefer bedstead beds, you’ll find what you’re looking for easily at British Beds Direct. 

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