Single, Double, King: What Size Bed Should I Choose?

When you’re looking to buy a lovely new bed, which size to choose is one of the most important things to consider. Should you pick a standard double or small double? Is a single too small, or a super king too big? You don’t want to spend time fretting over size – there are fabrics, headboards and gorgeous duvet sets to choose! So we’ve taken the hard work out of this essential step by demystifying the process, step-by-step.

Read on for some questions to ask yourself when choosing the size of your dream bed.

1. What are the standard bed sizes?

There are up to ten bed sizes across different suppliers! To make it easier for you, at British Beds Direct we offer five classic bed sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King. Be sure to look at the bed and mattress measurements even if you think you’re familiar with the standard sizes, as they can vary slightly between the US, the UK and Europe. Of course, we use the standard UK sizing and list all dimensions under the product description.

2. What size is your bedroom?

Measure the dimensions of your room to discover the spatial limits of your new bed. It might go without saying, but this is the most important step. A large bed will look cramped in a small room, but a single bed can almost disappear in too big a space. The perfectly sized bed should leave enough space to walk around and make it up easily every morning. It should also be the focal point of the room without overly dominating the space. Remember height is important too, as a taller bed can look awkward in a room with low ceilings.

3. Who will sleep in it?

Is this bed just for you? Good for you! If so, choosing is easier as it’s down to your personal preference. If it’s for you and another person, think about the current bed you share and your usual sleeping habits as a pair. Do you wish it were cosier or bigger? Will a pet or three be jumping in from time to time? If you have the space in your bedroom, perhaps going up a size could be an exciting change. At the smaller end of the scale, perhaps a compact guest bed that pulls out into a double could be perfect for a spare room.

4. What’s your experience sleeping in different beds?

You want your bed to feel roomy with lots of room for sprawling, yet also cosy and snuggly safe. Not to mention, your feet hanging off the end is a no-no. Think about your sleeping preferences – some people think having a super king-sized bed is the ultimate dream, but then find it to be too big with a somewhat empty feel when they sleep. For others, the bigger the better. Think back to times you may have slept in different sized beds and consider how you felt, then you’ll feel secure in choosing a size that suits you.

5. What depth of mattress will you need?

Mattresses tend to have varying depths of 10-30cm, so bear in mind your needs for height and back support, too. Be sure to pick a mattress that fits your bed base – and take a look at our guide to choosing your mattress here. Now you should feel more prepared to pick the perfect sized bed for you. For more advice on how to order a custom-built dream bed, check out our Bed Buying Guide. If you’re full of information and ready to go – start creating your handmade British bed.



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