Open Coil Vs Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Buying a new mattress can be a complicated process, as there are many different types to consider. From memory foam and reflex foam to hypoallergenic and orthopaedic, there’s a mattress to fit every requirement. However, the varied selection of mattress styles on offer can often make it difficult to choose one suitable for your needs, especially if you’re choosing between similar styles. While many mattress types are available on the market, these can usually be separated into two main categories: mattresses with spring systems and foam-like structures. Open coil and pocket sprung are the most traditional mattress styles and fall under the spring systems category. The two share many similarities but are also significantly different, so deciding between them can be challenging.To help you figure out which mattress type is most suitable, we’ve created a guide explaining the characteristics of open coil and pocket-sprung mattresses and the main differences between the two. 


1. What is an open coil mattress?
2. What is a pocket sprung mattress?
3. The difference between pocket sprung and open coil mattresses
4. Is pocket sprung or open coil better?

What is an open coil mattress?

Open coil mattresses are one of the most common types on the market and consist of an interconnected spring system that effectively supports the body. The number of springs can vary; however, the average double mattress typically contains around 300 springs. Manufacturers and retailers offer various ‘gauges’, which refer to the thickness of the wire used to form the springs. The lower the number, the thicker the gauge, which makes for a firmer, more supportive mattress. As open coil mattresses can be prone to sag, the rod edge needs to have a high gauge to help it to retain its shape.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket-sprung mattresses are similar to open coil types but are designed to offer more support. Like open-coiled mattresses, they have individual springs, but these are encased in their own pockets, each working independently of the other. Spring counts can vary from 600 to 5,000; the higher the spring count, the better the support. While you’re likely to get more support from a pocket-sprung mattress with a higher spring count, these must be high-quality to ensure optimum performance. When looking for a new pocket sprung mattress, prices vary widely based on the materials used to manufacture them.

The difference between pocket sprung and open coil mattresses

There are many benefits to purchasing an open coil mattress. They provide excellent support, which is why they are commonly used for orthopaedic mattresses. Many people find them the most suitable type of mattress, as they offer more give than pocket sprung designs and are easier to turn. While their springs have the potential to cause discomfort as they wear, a memory foam mattress topper can alleviate this and add an extra element of comfort. Unfortunately, they aren’t the most robust mattress type, as they are known to collapse in the middle as they become worn. This makes them the most unsuitable for couples, as each can feel if the other moves during the night. The individual springs work independently in pocket-sprung mattresses, offering more support to your body as you sleep. This makes them perfect for couples of two different weights as they effectively reduce the ‘roll together’ feeling experienced with open coil mattresses. One factor to consider when purchasing a pocket-sprung mattress is that its dense fillings can make it difficult to turn due to weight. These fillings can be made with various natural materials, which could also negatively affect those with allergies, so it’s important to know what these are before you purchase your mattress.

Is pocket sprung or open coil better?

Ultimately, there isn’t a clear winner between pocket sprung and open coil mattresses, as both types suit various requirements. For example, while pocket-sprung designs might provide a firmer sleeping surface for increased support, open coil mattresses offer more give, which creates a softer, more comfortable sleeping experience. Each type can also vary greatly in price, with premium and budget-friendly options available. With the pros and cons of pocket sprung and open coil mattresses being considered, the best of the two options is based on personal preference. At British Beds Direct, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of open coil and pocket-sprung mattresses to explore. With a range of sizes to choose from, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs. If you require a different mattress, we also offer plenty of other types, including memory foam, hypoallergenic and orthopaedic. Plus, our range of beds is second to none, with stunning divan bases and headboards designed to give you a comfortable, restful night’s sleep.


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