Keeping It Local – The Perks Of Buying British

You may have noticed that here at British Beds Direct, we are all about lovely products made on home soil. Since 2005 we have been hand-making beds from our family-run workshop in West Bromwich, and without continued local support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks to our customers believing in homegrown craftsmanship, we are still here; lovingly upholstering our high-quality beds that are both beautiful and built to last. There are plenty of good reasons to buy furniture made in Britain rather than overseas. Read on to discover the numerous perks of spending your money in the UK. 

1. It boosts the UK economy

Keeping your spending within the UK helps boost the economy and ensure our talented local craftspeople get the money they deserve. Money spent on British-made products filters down to the local economy and ensures UK companies are able to invest in each other.

2. It offers more transparency

When the products you buy are made locally, information about how it’s made and by whom is more accessible – you can often talk to the manufacturers first-hand or even visit the workshop. When products are manufactured overseas, you have no idea of working conditions or whether the production process is all as it seems.

3. It builds a sense of community

Investing in UK-made products not only boosts the economy but also the sense of pride and community in your area. When you choose an independent business rather than a big overseas brand or a chain, your community grows and more local jobs are created.

4. It sustains homegrown skills

When the local industry is supported by the community, it encourages the broader uptake of practical skills. These skills, sometimes passed down for generations, are then able to continue and thrive. Having a diverse base of practically skilled craftspeople where you live – be that in your hometown, county or even country – means exciting diversity in product design and range, and therefore more choice for you.

5. It ensures great service and higher quality

We believe buying British means you are likely to get better service and goods of a higher quality. We want you to feel proud of British made fare, so we will always ensure you receive a handcrafted, custom-built bed that’s wonderful and worth the wait. If you’re looking for a dreamy bed that’s built in Britain and customised just for you, take a look at our range of bedsteads, headboards and mattresses today. All our beds have a five-year guarantee and are delivered straight to your bedroom. Want to ask more about our beds? Get in touch either by phone or email. 


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