Easy Ways To Fit A Headboard To A Bed

A headboard can instantly transform the look of your bed while also providing you with an enhanced level of comfort and support. Whether you’re watching TV or reading a book in bed, a headboard helps cushion your head, shoulders and back, making it easier to sit up for longer periods. They are designed to complete the look of your bed and are available in many colours and styles to suit various tastes. Headboards can add a new dimension to any bed, and many benefits come with purchasing one for your own. However, one of the main reasons many people forgo a headboard is that they are unsure how to fit it onto their bed. There are various types of headboard to choose from, and many are designed to be fitted in different ways. Some types are only compatible with specific bed styles, so it’s important to research these before deciding. We pride ourselves on being experts in building beds correctly, so we know that attempting to attach one to your bed without any experience can be slightly daunting. To help you navigate this process without a hitch, we’ve created a complete guide showing you how to fit your chosen headboard style to your bed. Read on to learn more about the most popular headboard types and how to fit them properly. 


How to mount a headboard
1.1. How to fit a headboard with struts
1.2. How to fit a floor-standing headboard
2. How to fit a headboard to an ottoman bed
3. Headboards at British Beds Direct

How to mount a headboard

The most popular headboard styles commonly bought by those looking to upgrade their new or existing beds are strutted, floor-standing and wall-mounted. This article will introduce you to these three headboard designs and provide detailed instructions on properly fitting them to your bed. With our advice, the look of your bed will be transformed in no time. 

How to fit a headboard with struts

A strutted headboard is the first and most traditional of the three and typically features two sturdy metal or wooden struts that extend down from the main structure. These sections provide excellent support to your headboard and are designed to be fitted to your bed at your preferred height with bolts. When you add your mattress to your bed and push it against the wall, the struts are neatly hidden, with only the headboard section visible.

Attach a strutted headboard to your bed by following these steps:

Step 1

Remove the headboard, struts, bolts and other equipment from its packaging. With some headboards, you may find that the struts aren’t attached, so you’ll need to attach these using the bolts provided so that the headboard is fully assembled. Align the holes in the struts with those on the headboard and screw in the bolts tightly so that each element is firmly held in place.

Step 2

Next, you’ll need to look at your bed frame to find the two fixing points needed to attach your headboard. Some divan bases are upholstered with fabric, so their fixing points may be slightly hidden underneath their material.

Step 3

Insert a bolt through each of the gaps in the struts, line them up with the two fixing points on the bed frame and screw them in. Ensure that you leave a little slack so that you can adjust the height of the headboard.

Step 4

Once your headboard is attached to the base of the bed, adjust this to your preferred height. If you cannot move the headboard up and down, loosen the bolts slightly to allow for easier adjustments. Ensure that your mattress is on the bed during this stage, as this will help you determine which height looks best.

Step 5

When your headboard has been adjusted to your desired height, check that both sides are raised equally using a spirit level. Doing this will ensure that the fixing position of your headboard isn’t crooked, so you can avoid having to readjust this later.

Step 6

Finally, tighten the bolts as much as possible to secure your headboard in your chosen position.

How to fit a floor-standing headboard

A floor-standing headboard stands directly on the floor, offering a more modern bed aesthetic. Fitting a floor-standing headboard follows a similar process to fitting a strutted headboard. The main difference between the two is that with a floor-standing headboard, the slots the bolts go into are in the main body of the headboard rather than on struts that extend from the headboard. There’s no need to adjust the height of a floor-standing headboard, as it comes in a specific size suitable for the size of your bed.

Attach a floor-standing headboard to your bed by following these steps:

Step 1

Find the headboard fixing points on the base of the bed. If you cannot locate them, they are likely to be hidden beneath the bed’s fabric.

Step 2

Line up the headboard slots with the bed’s fixing points. Then, screw in the bolts to attach the two together.

Step 3

Tighten the bolts to ensure that your headboard is fixed in place.

How to fit a headboard to an ottoman bed

As an ottoman bed has a different structure to a bedstead or divan bed, there can often be some confusion regarding how to fit a headboard to it correctly. Although the base of an ottoman bed can lift to reveal storage space under the mattress, this doesn’t affect the bed’s headboard. Therefore, your headboard should be fitted the same way as on any other bed type.

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