Direct From Expert Bed-Makers In Britain: How We Make Our Divan Beds

You might have guessed by our name that we love beds, and specialise in custom, high-quality beds that are made in Britain by our expert craftspeople. But did you know we have been making beds from our family-run workshop in West Bromwich since 2005? By now, we’re so proficient at making custom divan beds that we could do it in our sleep… well, maybe in our dreams. The point is, we put a lot of care into each and every bed we make – because we want it to be the best bed you’ve owned.

Read on to discover exactly how we build our British-made divan beds before they’re delivered directly to your bedroom.

1. Our beds wouldn’t exist without the perfect wood. We use high-quality European pine timber which is strong, durable and perfect for furniture making. Products made from slow-grown wood have a considerably long life, so your bed is sure to last many blissful sleeps. It also ages well and develops character over time, while still offering excellent value.

2. The precious pine pieces are kiln-dried for malleability, and then cut to size by our expert craftspeople.

3. Now begins the age-old method of bed-building, a technique that has been passed down for generations. The frame of the divan base is assembled using traditional joinery methods, which involve glueing and stapling the pieces of the outer frame together.

4. The top part of the divan base (the platform) starts to emerge – built with multiple pine slats which are then boarded over to ensure a smooth surface for your mattress.

5. Now the frame is constructed, we can start to see the structure of a complete bed base. That’s enough for today! The divan frame is left overnight so the glue can set.

6. After a morning cup of tea, our bed-building magicians go about integrating any additional storage solutions. They fit any drawer runners required and test that the drawers can move easily in and out of the frame. Perfect for tucking away all your possessions.

7. Drawers are in and the frame of the divan base is done – it’s time for the upholstery. Our expert craftspeople are wizards in traditional upholstery methods.

They’ll roll out the lovely fabric you’ve chosen with your order and upholster the divan base carefully, ensuring every seam is smartly and securely fitted.

8. Finally, the drawer fronts are wrapped in the matching fabric of your choice. Drawers are then fitted into the base and tested once more.

9. What a beauty! A brand new, British-made divan base is all finished and ready for dispatch. Soon it will be delivered straight to your home, all set to become a treasured piece of furniture in your bedroom.

You can see our finished divan bed bases here, or browse our bedsteads, headboards and mattresses to start building your perfectly British-made bed today. If you have any other queries about how our high-quality beds are put together in our workshop, drop us a line.

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