British Beds Direct Mattresses: Who We Are And What We Do


We like to say that bedtime is something we’re experts in. For over 15 years, we’ve been designing and creating stylish and comfortable beds, divans, headboards and mattresses from our family-run workshop in West Bromwich. Our handmade British memory foam mattresses are guaranteed to last for years. We know that beds, headboards, or mattresses are big investments, and it’s why we offer a five-year warranty on all our products, with some specific mattresses even having 10-year guarantees.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses combine layers of material together to create a surface that offers both support and premium comfort. Using body heat, a memory foam mattress will soften and mould to your shape. When you stand or shift position, removing pressure will cause the memory foam to bounce back to its original shape. Memory foam was first designed by NASA in the mid-’60s. It’s made from polyurethane, specifically developed in a way to counteract extreme gravity forces that NASA astronauts faced when exiting and entering the atmosphere. In our mattresses, for example, you have the hybrid Memory Pocket 1000, which uses layers of memory foam on top of 1000 individually wrapped springs underneath the memory foam to offer wider support for the 20cm thick mattress.

How do memory foam mattresses work?

Where traditional mattresses use springs to provide elasticity in the mattress, these designs tend to produce areas of less support on your body because of how our skeletons work. When you lie on your back, your buttocks are lower than your back, which can press the springs down in an area where your back receives no support. On your side, your shoulders and hips are likely to do the same. This means that without support on all of your body, there are areas that take on more pressure than others. This leads to aches and pains the next day. Memory foam mattresses took the idea of more support to the maximum by using a viscoelastic material like this NASA-designed foam. Visco, from viscous, means that it moves slowly when you apply pressure. Elastic means that it will return to its original shape when you remove the pressure. Of course, the benefit of foam is that instead of springs that activate over a wide area, pushing a larger section of the mattress down, the foam only presses down on the exact places that pressure is applied. As memory foam is temperature-sensitive, it will quickly mould to your contours when laid upon. Generally, a memory foam mattress will support your entire body equally, compared to traditional mattresses.

Benefits of memory foam mattresses

Lots of people prefer a memory foam mattress to a spring mattress because the benefits of the mattress are often quite dramatically different from other types of mattresses.

For starters, memory foam is soft. Cushioned mattresses that hug your body like these feel very soft and comfortable for many people. If you know you need a firm mattress, then a memory foam unfortunately isn’t for you.

Secondly, because the memory foam moulds itself to you, there’s a great sense of comfort once you’re in bed. This contouring makes every position you find yourself in as comfortable as possible. Some people liken this to being hugged.

Thirdly, because memory foam is soft and mouldable, they isolate motion. This means that, if you sleep next to a partner or pets, when they move, there will be less chance of them disturbing your sleep.

To back this up further, we added zoned springs, meaning that the springs that support the underside of the memory foam are not 100% linked together like most traditional mattresses. These zones will move, leaving the other zones alone. This is perfect for light sleepers or for the person that knows they keep their partner up with their tossing and turning.

When purchasing quality memory foam mattresses, advances in technology have meant that they are much better for reducing heat and keeping you cool throughout the night. Adaptive technology advances have allowed for mattresses to improve airflow underneath your body, keeping you cool or warm as needed.

Memory foam mattresses offer hypoallergenic properties, too. House mites and dust are repelled by the materials used in the construction of these mattresses. Be sure to regularly change out bedding for the best allergy-free night’s sleep.

All these features can be found in the British Beds Direct memory foam mattresses. There are two mattresses, our standard Memory Pocket 1000, which has all of these features and offers a superb night’s sleep on medium firm memory foam and a 20cm deep mattress. Our second mattress in this range is the Memory Pocket 2000, a deluxe, 25cm thick mattress for those that really enjoy the hug of memory foam.

Both of our memory foam mattresses are designed to be easily rotated to keep their shape. There’s no need to flip our mattresses over to prevent sinking or anything similar. A simple rotation will ensure that the memory foam returns to its normal position easily over its lifetime.

Both of our handmade in the UK Memory Pocket mattresses also come with a 10-year guarantee on the mattress core, so you know you’re getting peace of mind, as well as fast and free delivery.

Get the best night’s sleep possible with memory foam

There are thousands of people that say they never had better sleep than on a memory foam mattress, which is why they’re more and more popular as time goes on and more people hear about them. If for some reason, all of these benefits of memory foam mattresses don’t appeal to you, here at British Beds Direct we also handcraft other mattress types that you can look through, as well as purchase our divan bases and headboards for the completely British made sleeping experience.

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